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Kobe Bryant said that his philosophy was a very simple one. Rudy was one of his favorite films growing up, and he said, “After watching that film, I came to understand that if I could work that hard, every day, being blessed with the physical tools that I have, what could my career be? I made a promise to myself, from that day, that I was going to work that hard every single day so that when I do retire, I have no regrets.

That was the most important thing to me, which was to leave no stone unturned, get better every single day, and if I live that way, over time, I would have something that was beautiful.

If you live your life to just get better every single day, and if you do that for 20 years, what do you have?


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from this video?

2 - What if you lived your life to just get better every single day? Would you have any regrets?

3 - What is keeping you from getting better every single day? What distractions are in your way?

4 - What can you do to beat those distractions? What can you do to make sure that you are getting better every day?

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