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IT | Imo | Coaching U Circle-Up Reflection Questions

1 - IT on Paola Banchero | Be a Sponge

2 - Imo Essien | Managing Pressure

3 - Coaching U | Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Day

IT on Paola Banchero | Be a Sponge

Isaiah Thomas is an NBA All-star from Tacoma, Washington outside of Seattle. He often talks about the basketball culture in Seattle and all of the NBA and college guys that have come from the area, including Paolo Banchero who was the first overall pick in the NBA draft before earning the Rookie of the Year award.

At the 13:09 mark of the interview below with Gilbert Arenas, IT was asked about Banchero.

IT said Paulo just gets it in every way possible. He wants to learn and is always asking questions. He is a sponge with no ego. Paolo was the number one pick but is humble and gives respect to everyone around him.

The young guys don’t really ask questions and listen to anyone, but Paolo has a good vibe to him.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway?

2 - Who is somebody who gets it? Somebody who is talented but willing to learn and ask questions? 3 - What can you take away from this?

Imo Essien | Managing Pressure

Imo Essien is a D1 point guard for Old Dominion University. He recently ran his own basketball camp where he was asked how he deals with pressure before games.

He said pressure and nerves are natural. He says to invite it and turn it into good. You can’t fight being nervous or pressure. When it's a big game, nerves are natural. Take it and turn it into something good. Pressure can make you prepare better, stay more focused, get good sleep, and know the game plan more. It’s natural. Find a way to turn it into good and turn you into a beast.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway?

2 - How do you handle pressure?

3 - When is it the hardest to handle pressure?

4 - How can you turn pressure into good?

Steve Clifford | Don’t Ruin Practice

We have all had that one athlete or kid or person whose bad attitude or work ethic ruins our practice or day.

NBA coach Steve Clifford says don’t let that happen.

He said, “Don’t let the guy with bad body language, the guy who shakes his head, or the guy who rolls his eyes ruin your day and be a worse coach for the other 14 guys.

The idea is for you to have a good practice, not for you to win a 1-on-1 battle on stuff you shouldn’t waste your time on.

Talk to the kid after practice.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway?

2 - What is the one thing that can ruin your practice or day?

3 - When this happens, how can you prevent it?

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