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Kobe Bryant was asked, “What did you bring to practice, and how did you make that the standard for the rest of the team?”

Kobe said, “I enjoyed playing, I enjoyed being there, and I enjoyed getting better, but as the leader of the team, its also your responsibility to elevate the rest of your guys.”

What you have to do is get them to emotionally want to be better. You have to get them into an emotional space so that they wake up every morning driven to be the best version of themselves. How do you do that? Practice for me was the chance to drive them and challenge them. This is where you have to know your teammates. It's important to know each and every one of them individually so you know which nerve to touch and which button to push.”

You have to drive them and you have to push them, and if practice is more intense and harder than a game 7 will be, then a game 7 will be easy. But if it's not, that is when teams start folding.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What is your approach to practice? Is it to work hard and get better, or is it to survive?

3 - What do you bring to practice, and how do you help make that the standard for the team?

4 - How do you get to know each one of your teammates on an individual level so that you know what buttons to push to motivate them?

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