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Love The Process | Mamba Mondays

Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, and Kobe Bryant sat down for an interview. Coach Saban said to Kobe, “Your mentality as a person and your work ethic and perseverance gave you the confidence to be the player you were. Every great player that I have ever met has that. They all have talent, but they all have that.”

Kobe then said back, “Love the process. I love the daily grind of it and putting the puzzle together. It seems that this generation is concerned with the end result of things versus understanding and appreciating the journey to get there - which is the most important part. You have successes and failures, but it's all part of the end game. Young players will try, they’ll push, and all of a sudden, they get hit with adversity, and they saw, ‘Nah, let me do something else,’ instead of staying with it. Just stay with it. A lot of guys just give up on it because it's not happening now."

Coach Saban laughed, saying, "Everybody wants to be the beast until it's time to do what beasts do."

A coach posted this message on my Facebook page:

"I've always told my players looking to improve to fall in love with the grind of being alone in a gym. If you want to be a great shooter, shoot until your arms fall off - then do it again and again."

Fall in love with being by yourself or with friends playing, competing, and/or working on what you want to be good at. Then keep doing it. Know that success and failures come and go. The love is what keeps you coming back for more.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - When adversity hits, do you stop or keep pushing?

3 - Do you love the game or do you hate losing more?

4 - Does the fear of losing inspire you to work harder or hold you back?

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