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Mamba Mondays | How Legends Are Defined

During NBA Champion Chris Bosh’s Hall of Fame speech, Bosh shared a lesson he learned from Kobe Bryant. Bosh said 2008 when he was in Vegas for the start of training camp for the Olympics in Beijing, he wanted to establish himself as a young leader on the team by being the first one at breakfast.

Bosh said he set his alarm and went downstairs, but Kobe was already there, with ice packs on his knees and drenched in sweat.

Not had Kobe beat him downstairs, but he had already worked out. Kobe had just lost in the finals days earlier, but Bosh lost months before and was still exhausted.

Kobe’s dedication only days after falling short of an NBA championship taught Bosh an important lesson:

Legends aren’t defined by their successes; they are defined by how they bounce back from their failures.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Do you think legends are defined by their success or their failures? 3 - How can this message relate to you in your life outside of sports?

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