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Mamba Mondays | How to Prove Yourself

I am always nervous when I am the new guy. When I join a new team, even as a coach, I get nervous. I start to question myself and ask questions in my mind like, "Will I be good enough," "Will they like me," and "Do I have what it takes?"

I have learned about the value of talking to myself instead of listening to myself.

When I listen to myself, I hear a lot of negative thoughts, fears, and worries and every reason why I won't be good enough, why they won't like me, and why I don't have what it takes.

When I talk to myself, I control the story being told in my head. I can feed myself with the words and encouragement that I need to be successful.


Kobe Bryant has some great advice for someone new to a team.

He was asked in an interview, "Do you have any advice for somebody joining a new team or for the newest or youngest person on a new team or at a new job?"

Kobe said:

"The best way to prove your value is to work. It is to learn. It is to absorb and be a sponge. But you always want to outwork your potential. As hard as you believe you can work, you can work harder than that."

Kobe also said that he always had a chip on his shoulder, and every day at practice he was trying to annihilate everyone that he was playing against. He wanted to prove that he didn't need a babysitter.

Kobe then said that you need curiosity and he would ask a lot of questions. He would sit down and ask people a lot of questions, and ask why they did the things he did.

1 - Work Ethic 2 - Competitive Nature 3 - Curiosity

These 3 things work in sports and in life. Work hard. Work so hard that you overachieve. Compete. Compete to be the best that you can be. Ask questions. Ask questions about everything because that is how you learn and grow.

If you do those 3 things, you can add value to any team that you are a part of.

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