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Mamba Mondays | Relentless

Kobe Byrant was known for his Mamba Mentality. The Mamba Mentality means, "Trying to be the best version of yourself." It means, "Every day, you are trying to become better."

One of the pillars of Kobe Bryant's Mamba Mentality is Relentlessness. Kobe Bryant was asked, "What does relentless mean to you?" He said: Relentless means to be unyielding, never give an inch, and to always go after it, always go after it, always go after it.

If a challenge ensues, good - I want to see how I stack up to that - so I go after it and go after it. It's fun because I get a chance to compete against opponents and see where you stack up against them. Maybe I'm not good enough today, but that's fine because I'll be good enough the next time, I see you. You get a chance to always measure yourself, and it's fun.

When he was asked if he was born with this relentlessness or if it was something that he learned over time, he said he had to learn it over time. Kobe grew up in Italy where he was the best basketball player because he was taller and faster than everyone, but when he came back to America to play, it wasn't the same because kids were bigger and stronger than him. He said he played in a league where he didn't score 1 point all summer. It was devastating for him, but he couldn't give up. Kobe bounced back, he kept practicing and playing, but it wasn't handed to him. He was 11 years old learning a valuable lesson about grit and relentless.

Kobe said this experience was embarrassing but drove him. He vowed to be much, much better. When he asked if he lives for the moments when he is embarrassed, down, and people are kicking him, Kobe said: "Those are the moments that occur. Whatever moments occur - good, bad, or indifferent, I can use those moments to propel me forward and use those moments as fuel to help me be a better player." We all experience good moments and down moments. How you handle yourself and respond to the good and the bad defines who you are.


1 - How would you describe how well you handle good moments in your life and career? 2 - How would you describe how well you handle or respond to the down moments in your life and career? 3 - What could you do to better respond to the good moments and the down moments in your life and career? 4 - What is one thing you can do today or this week to help you become more relentless?

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