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Passion is Everything

Some people coach because it's their job; other people coach because it is their passion.

It is not hard to see if someone is coaching because they have to, want to, or are passionate about it. The passion can be seen and felt the second you step into their presence, walk into their gym or locker room, or jog onto their track or field.

The passionate coaches spend hours drawing up new plays, looking up new drills, and finding ways to better connect with their athletes.

The passionate coaches pour and pour into their athletes. They lose sleep over their athletes and their program. The passionate coaches will do almost anything for their athletes.

In return, their athletes will do almost anything for them. Their athletes will run through the wall for them.

Try and become a coach whose players never want to let them down. When you read about the great coaches in all of sports, their players say, "I just didn't want to let them down."

Become a coach who inspires others and makes the world a better place - one relationship at a time.

And when you find a coach who is truly passionate, value them, appreciate them, and stick with them!

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