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Robert Saleh | Leaders and Eagles

Coach Robert Saleh is the head coach of the New York Jets football team. They are featured on this year's Hard Knocks show on ESPN.

The 2 videos below show inspirational videos that he gave to his team, and they are both DEFINITELY worth a watch!


In the first video, Coach Saleh asked, "What makes a competitor in your mind?"

He then explains the four levels of competitors:

1 - Commanders

2 - Competitors

3 - Contenders

4 - Survivors

Survivors are at the bottom. They are the people who do just enough to get by, they coast through the day, and they do not maximize their potential or capabilities. They love taking the easy way out, and they are so miserable they will do anything they can to bring you down with them.

Contenders are motivated by external factors like playing time, money, fame, or the person they are going against. They will only reach their potential if the external motivator is a threat.

Competitors are internally motivated to be their best regardless of the situation. Their place on the depth chart does not matter, money does not matter, fame doesn't matter. They are always trying to be their absolute best, and they cannot be swayed because they are already maxing out their potential. This person is trying to PR every day of life. They have a championship mindset, and when you have a championship mindset, you embarrass the survivors and contenders, and you make the champions look normal.

Commanders have all the traits of a competitor with one exception - they bring people with them.

Which one are you? You can't hide who you are.

He then says to tell your competitors, "Thank you for pushing me to go above my comfort zone."


He then tells a story about eagles and crows.

Did you know that the only bird in the world that will attack an eagle is a crow? He will jump on the eagle's back and start pecking at its neck. Instead of fighting back and tearing the crow to pieces, the eagle spreads its wings and soars higher and higher and higher. The higher the eagle flies, the harder it is for the crow to breathe.

Eventually, the crow has to either jump off or it dies because it can't breathe.

What are you going to do to find that little bit more that will make you and your team great?

- When you finish a rep - now what?

- When you finish practice - now what?

- When you finish a meeting - now what?

Challenge yourself to do a little more every day. Embrace what you are capable of.

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