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Joyce Meyer is a preacher whose messages reach millions of people all over the world. She said her success has been built on three things: Excellence, Integrity, and keeping Strife out of her life.


Excellence is doing everything you do to the best of your ability. Author Ralph Marston says, “Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.” 

Make the decision to do everything you do with excellence, not cutting any corners, and not leaving any cracks in your foundation.


Integrity is doing things the right way all the time, and doing the right thing when no one is looking and no one will ever know. Former senator Alan K. Simpson said, “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters. Integrity is the first step to true greatness.”

Do what you say, and say what you do so people can trust you and you can trust yourself. Don’t commit to things you can’t do, and don’t oversell what you can do.


Strife is bickering, arguing, a heated disagreement, or an angry undercurrent. Healthy conflict can help a team grow, but unhealthy conflict can tear a team apart.

Address strife and unhealthy conflict immediately and often so it doesn’t become something bigger than it has to be.

Strife can be internal too. Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself grace when you make mistakes so you have peace and not internal strife.

You can do whatever you put your mind to if you do everything with excellence, if you have integrity do what you say at the level you commit to, and if you keep strife out of your life.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from this message?

2 - If you had to rank those three, in which area are you strongest, and in which area are you the weakest?

3 - How can you use or leverage the area you are the strongest?

4 - How can you grow in your weakest area?

For a printable PDF of this post, click here: The Big Three - Excellence | Integrity | Strife

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