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The Shop and Mike Tomlin Circle-Up Reflection Questions

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Week of July 25th

1 - Mike Tomlin | Be a Person on the Rise

2 - LaKeith Stanfield | BE PREPARED

3 - Killer Mike | FOUND MY TALENT

4 - Killer Mike | 9-Years-Old

Mike Tomlin | Be a Person on the Rise

Mike Tomlin is the legendary head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is a great coach but an even better mentor, leader, and molder of men.

In the short video below, Coach Tomlin is giving a speech to his team. He is telling them that his expectation for them is that they continue to be men on the rise by continually getting better.

He tells them:

“The things that made you viable in the past aren’t going to be the things that make you viable moving forward. You better be continually getting better as long as you’re sitting in rooms like this! I aint doing my job if I’m not pointing that out. You guys that have been here and know what it’s about man, we expect you to be significantly better. Hear the words: when you were a young guy, we might have tolerated mental errors a year ago. We’ll have less tolerance for it moving forward. It’s just a reasonable expectation. And so let’s just be really transparent, man, about expectations in this business, about how competitive it is; I never want you worrying about people on the outside, even the man sitting next to you. This is a man versus himself battle! You got to be continually pressing to get better!”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What do you need to do to continue to get better?

3 - What is something that is holding you back, and what can you do to overcome that?

4 - What is one thing you did good in the past that you know you need to do differently or better in the future?


The Shop is an Emmy Nominated show where stars in sports, movies, and music gather at a barbershop and talk about sports and life.

The next three videos come from the Season 6 Episode 8 show linked below:

LaKeith Stanfield | BE PREPARED

LaKeith Stanfield is a rising actor and an overall funny guy. At the 22:20 mark of The Shop video above, LaKeith talks about the importance of being prepared.

NBA star Chris Paul talked about making mistakes in games, and Lakeith was asked, “Chris said he knows when he has three turnovers in a row; do you know when you are turning the rock over when you’re filming something and you know you are messing up?”

He said yes. He said, “You have to be prepared. Part of what it means to show up is being prepared. You have to know your lines. If you are showing up with papers, I don’t even know how you got here.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What does being prepared look like for you?

3 - When you are prepared, or unprepared, how does that affect your confidence?

Killer Mike | INSPIRE

Killer Mike is a rapper. He said he started rapping at 9 years old, but he started rapping professionally at 27. He said he knew he could do it for real at about 14 or 15 years old.

At the 27:00 mark, he was asked, “What made you know you could do it for real?”

He said, “I realized all my friends were better than me at something, so I had to find something to be good at.

He said at 15, he was rapping in a studio and the owner asked who he was. He said, “I finally found my football, my basketball, my baseball.”

He then said his friends kept pushing him. When he first wanted to press his first mixtape, his friend who made it to the NFL sent him money to press his mixtape, and he never looked back because his friend, who used his talent to go pro, gave him the financial aid to go pro, and he never wanted to take that for granted.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What is one thing that you do better than most?

3 - What inspires you? How do you inspire others?

Killer Mike | 9-Years-Old

Killer Mike was then asked at 29:26, “What is one thing you would tell the 9-year-old Mike?”

Killer Mike said, “That it is all going to work out. It’s hard to convince a child that something is impossible. Eliminate the impossibility, and let the child figure it out. Let the child fall, let them stumble, let them have to figure it out, but encourage them so when they get the opportunity, they won’t think it’s impossible.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What is one thing you would tell your 9-year-old self?

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