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Tom Izzo | Learning to Fail

When coach Tom Izzo was asked about the transfer portal, he said that his biggest fear was whether or not athletes would learn how to fail.

In an interview, Izzo said:

"My biggest fear of the transfer portal is, “Is anyone going to learn how to fail?”
You don’t learn as much from winning as you do from losing because when you win, everyone is patting you on the back and you have 100,000 fans.
Draymond played 5 minutes a game his freshman year, and he would have transferred by now.
Endure the process. Is it teaching a guy, “When the going gets tough, get the hell out of dodge?”

There are many different reasons an athlete might transfer, and fear of failure or competing for a spot is one of them.

But everyone fails. It's a part of the process. Izzo says we learn more from failure than we do from winning.

Here are some discussion questions you can use with your team around Learning to Fail:

1 - Do you think you learn more when you win or lose?

2 - What is one of the biggest failures that you have ever had to overcome?

3 - How do you face the fear of failure?

4 - How do you or how have you overcome failure?

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