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Week of 1/1/2023 Discussion Questions

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

1 - Devin Booker - The Sacrifice

2 - Kirby Smart - Support From Our Spouses

3 - Steph Curry - Obsession Over the Details

4 - Kelsey Plum - Competitive, Skilled, and Tough

5 - John Calipari - Body Language Screams

Devin Booker | THE SACRIFICE

Being great requires great sacrifice. NBA star Devin Booker said he didn’t spend a lot of time growing up hanging out with his friends and doing things on the weekends.

He said, “In high school, I spent my weekends traveling to Alabama for the whole weekend, practicing with my travel team, the Alabama Challenge. During school days, I would be up before school training and then right after school, training, and after that, it was time to go home and go to sleep. Just a lot of sacrifices of being a kid, but in pursuit of getting everything I wanted, and if I could do it again, a million times over, I would do it all again.”

Discussion Questions

1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What do you have to sacrifice to achieve the goals you want to achieve?

3 - Are the sacrifices worth it? Why or why not?


After winning the National Championship last year, Georgia football coach Kirby Smart said that before going to sleep, he and his wife said, “We did it.”

Coaching is a hard job, and it helps when we have supportive spouses who are all in and a part of the team. He said that winning lifted a weight off her shoulders too because she carries a lot of that with her in their marriage, and that burden is shared.

My wife is my biggest support system when it comes to coaching. When I win, we win. When I lose, we lose. She carries a lot of that emotional weight because we don’t leave it at the gym; we bring so much of it home.

Discussion Questions

1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Who is the most supportive person in your life?

3 - How do you show them that you appreciate and value them?

4 - How do you help your closest friends, families, and teammates manage the burdens that they carry?


Steph Curry says there is a level of obsession with the details when it comes to training for everything from footwork to balance to even how the ball enters the rim. That obsession develops over time, but also from understanding the unlock that can be there in terms of being creative in how we can play, visualizing new things, and then trying those new things in skill training and practice. The confidence that comes from that is intoxicating.

He says he feels like he is on autopilot on the court, and that comes from muscle memory and connecting your body and your mind in training and practice. It takes having a strong work ethic and willingness to get in the gym and push yourself, and when you do, you can find a flow state where you are in the zone more often.

Discussion Questions

1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - How do you know what you want to or need to work on when you practice or train?

3 - Have you ever felt like you were in the zone, on autopilot, or in a flow state?

4 - How do you increase your chances of getting into that flow state more often?


WNBA champion Kelsey Plum said that when she was 10 years old, she told her mom she was going to play in the WNBA, and then she created a plan and executed that plan.

Kelsey said, “I was very intentional because I knew that physically I was not going to impose my will on anyone, so I had to be the most competitive, the most skilled, and the toughest, and every year I tried to make sure that every year I got better.”

She also said, “I came off the bench in high school. I wasn’t a phenom, I just kept getting better. You can play with a kid who is the number 1 kid in the 7th grade, but by the time they get to the 9th grade, they haven’t grown and they haven’t gotten any better. I said that I am just going to keep chipping away. I was just going to keep running my own race and I knew that it was just a matter of time before I was going to break through.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What were the 3 skills that Kelsey said she needed to master to reach her full potential?

3 - What are 3 skills that you need to master to maximize your potential?


Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari says, “Body language screams for everybody to see. In most cases, it’s an immaturity thing, but the second part is a little lack of toughness - mental toughness that I’m not getting broken down because I missed a couple of shots or I fumbled the ball or I missed a free throw.”

He said he had to pull out the toughness sheet and go over it with them.

Discussion Questions

1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Do you think bad language is a sign of immaturity or a lack of toughness?

3 - Can toughness be taught and learned?

4 - When something bad happens to you, what does your body language tell other people?

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