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Week of 12/11 Discussion Questions

1 - Nick Saban - Discipline is a Mindset

2 - Jerry Stackhouse - Listen and Be Patient

3 - Tom Izzo - Transfer Portal

4 - Julio Jones - Accountability5

5 - Steve Clifford - What Leads to Winning

Nick Saban - Discipline is a Mindset

Everything starts with discipline. Discipline is a mindset that is a part of who you are. It's how you live your life and how you do everything that you do."

- Nick Saban


1 - Who is the most disciplined person you know?

2 - If someone followed you around for a week, what would they think or say about your discipline?

3 - When do you have the most discipline?

4 - When do you have the least discipline?

Jerry Stackhouse - Listen and Be Patient

“Listen and be patient. Don’t try to rush it and get there too fast. Take your time and enjoy it. Some much is about getting to the next thing. Just relax and let it happen. I was probably more stressed then than I as at the end of my career.”


1 – What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

2 – What is one piece of advice that you would give someone younger than you?

3 – What is one goal that you have that you need to be patient with?

4 – What is one goal that you have accomplished that took a long time and stress to overcome?


When coach Tom Izzo was asked about the transfer portal, he said that his biggest fear was whether or not athletes would learn how to fail. There are many different reasons an athlete might transfer, and fear of failure or competing for a spot is one of them. But everyone fails. It's a part of the process. Izzo says we learn more from failure than we do from winning.


1 - Do you think you learn more when you win or lose?

2 - What is one of the biggest failures that you have ever had to overcome?

3 - How do you face the fear of failure?

4 - How do you or how have you overcome failure?


NFL wide receiver Julio Jones explains what it’s like playing at Alabama: “If you can play, you will play. You have to be accountable. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you aren’t going to listen, be in the right spot every time, be accountable and do your job properly, you won’t play. That’s a testament to your brother because if you don’t do your job, he can’t do his job. If you can ball, you can ball, but you have to be accountable.”


1 - Who is someone you know, in sports or in life, who always does what they are supposed to do or what they say they will do?

2 - Why is accountability important?

3 - Why can holding yourself accountable be hard?

4 - How do you like for you teammate and coaches to hold you accountable?


“You can’t always outscore people, and you can’t decide that you are not going to do the things that take effort. Until we care about something besides how many points we score, we aren’t going to win much. You either build a game that will work at the end of the year when you play the important games, or you don’t.”


1 – Do we have the kind of talent where we can rely on our scoring to win games?

2 – What kind of game do we need to play to give us the best chance to succeed?

3 – What are things, other than scoring, that lead to winning?

4 – What is one thing you can do to impact winning?

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