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Week of 12/18 Discussion Questions

1 - Buzz Williams | Character Matters

2 - Kara Lawson | Consistent FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, and WORK ETHIC

3 - Demani, Last Chance U | Toughness Impacts WINNING

4 - Philadelphia Eagles | Earn the Details

5 - Deion Sanders | Why Do You Practice?


Your character, who you are, and how you carry yourself is a competitive advantage because it is who you are, not because it's a game, but because it's your life.

Your character accelerates your game. Who you are, every day, and how you carry yourself, every day, makes your talent go faster if it is built on the right things.

You will never sustain success and do all of the things that you want to do if your character is preventing it.


1 - Who in your life has the best character or character you would like to emulate?

2 - What is one thing you hope other people say about your character?

3 - What is one thing you would change about your character?

4 - What is one thing you can do to change that one thing?

Kara Lawson | Consistent EFFORT, DISCIPLINE, and WORK ETHIC

There should NEVER be an ebb and flow in terms of your focus, discipline, and work ethic. They should be solid daily. Too often, result changes our effort, discipline, and work ethic. Don’t waste days because of results. Don’t waste days.

There is an ebb and flow to results and production, but that shouldn’t change how hard you work; they should be solid and consistent.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Have you ever had a day, played in a game, or had a practice where nothing was going right for you? How did you respond? Did it affect your focus, discipline, or work ethic?

3 - Does your focus, discipline, or work ethic go up and down because of your production (points, goals, playing time, etc.)?

4 - What is the most consistent part of who you are?

Demani, Last Chance U - Toughness Impacts WINNING

Everybody notices 3 athletes: the best athlete out there, the biggest, strongest, fastest athlete, and the toughest, hardest working athlete.

You can’t fully control if you are the best, you can’t control how big/strong/fast you are, but you can control how hard you work.

The hardest worker impacts winning.


1 - Have you ever had a teammate like that? A teammate who would get their tooth knocked out, put it in their pocket, and keep playing?

2 - Who is the toughest, hardest working player you ever played with or against?

3 - Who is a teammate that impacted the game without scoring, and what did they do to impact the game?

4 - What is something you do to impact games other than scoring?

5 - Why would a coach want you to play on their team, or why would a teammate want to pick you to play with them?

Philadelphia Eagles - Earn the Details

If you want to be the best in the world at something, focus on the details. Details don’t automatically show up; you have to earn the right to be detailed through your process through the week. Earn your right to be detailed because of the way you go through everything. When you play with great detail, it allows your talent to shine, and it allows your teammates talent to shine.


1 – How do you earn the right to be detailed?

2 – What is a detail that we have mastered that we need to keep mastering?

3 - What is one detail we have to earn or pay more attention to this week?

4 – What is one detail that you have mastered that allows someone else’s talent to shine?


Most of our athletes today don’t practice to be great and don’t practice to be dominant; they practice to practice. They practice counting the periods and understanding how much time they have left. They practice just to get through practice. They cut deals in practice - you go soft, I go soft.

What is your purpose for practicing?

“I practiced to be the best ever. So every time I walked on that field, I had a purpose for practice.”

- Deion Sanders


1 - What is something you took away from that video?

2 - What is your purpose for practicing?

3 - Who is the best practice person you have ever competed with or against?

4 - When you practice to dominate but are practicing with people who are practicing with people who just want to get through it, how do you manage or handle that?

5 - What does practicing to be the best or practicing to be dominant look like, feel like, and sound like?

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