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Week of 6/6/23 Circle-Up Reflection Questions

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

1 - Kenny Smith | WORK ETHIC 2 - Steve Kerr | Championship Culture

3 - Kenny Smith | Baking vs Microwave

Kenny Smith | WORK ETHIC

Kenny Smith is a two-time NBA champion, but he said he went from not being recruited as a junior to being a top 5 senior in 6 months. When asked how this happened on the Big Boy radio show (105 mark of the video below), he said, “Work ethic. After my junior year of high school, I had 0 offers. That summer, I did the ordinary things extra. Instead of taking the elevator, I ran up the stairs. I just did extra things that were ordinary.”

He said, “In 6 months, I went from having no scholarship offers to being able to play at any school in the country by growing mentally and doing the ordinary things extra. It’s all right there if you just change the direction of how you do it.”

He then said, “We all are trying to reach the same destination - we just get there on a different track. We have to figure out how to speed up our track.”

Big Boy asked him if he ever told his coach about this, and he said he told his coach, “Your conversation changed my direction.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - What are 1-3 goals you have for yourself?

3 - What are three ordinary things you can do for each goal to help you be extraordinary and take a big jump in what you do?

Steve Kerr | Championship Culture

On a podcast with Draymond Green, Golden State Warrior head coach Steve Kerr talked about the Miami Heat culture. He said:

“None of those guys on Miami are sitting there saying ‘well I didn’t play’ or ‘man they put in so and so.’

They’re just all about winning.

When you have that championship mentality, every guy is bought in, every guy is just trying to win.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - How would you describe a championship culture?

3 - Can you be excited for your teammates you were on the bench and they were having success?

4 - If you are the one on the court having success, how can you help your teammates on the bench stay locked in and feel valued and appreciated so they are ready to step up?

Kenny Smith | Baking vs Microwave

On the Big Boy show, former NBA player and NBA on TNT analysts Kenny Smith is asked about the possibility of the Phoenix Suns winning the NBA championship.

At around the 101:00 mark, Kenny says

“The world is about baking, not microwaves. Food that bakes tastes better, but if you check on it every five minutes, it feels like nothing is getting done. There is a process to greatness, and there is a process to becoming a champion.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Are you a microwave or a stove?

3 - Do you trust the process?

4 - Is your process worth trusting?

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