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Week of March 29th | CIRCLE-UP QUESTIONS


2 - Caitlin Clark | I LOVE THE GAME

3 - Dwayne Wade | IT’S HARD


Kim Mulkey is one of the most successful basketball coaches in college basketball history. She led Baylor to 3 National Championships, and in just her 3rd year at LSU, she has taken them to the final four.

Despite all her success, she says that what she loves about coaching is when that kid who thinks she can’t go any further does, she looks at her and goes, “Thank you for pushing me.” She said, “I want to look at that kid who everybody says will be an academic casualty and I can watch that kid get a degree and a diploma.”

She said, “When I am sitting in the rocking chair someday, I will remember that I took teams and players that others didn’t want to coach or couldn’t coach, and we competed and we won. But they have to buy in. They have to say, ‘I love this women’s personality. She laughs with us and she cries with us, but she is tough as nails, and doesn’t ask us to do anything that she wouldn’t do for us.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from this video?

2 - What would you want your players to say about you?

3 - What kind of coach do you want to play for?

4 - When you are retired and sitting back in your rocking chair, what will you remember about your career, your athletes, or your coaches?

Caitlin Clark | HAVING FUN

Caitlin Clark is a monster on the basketball court. She has broken several records, and she was named the national player of the year in her junior year. She is a crowd favorite because of the way she plays, and she was asked about the joy she plays with.

Caitlin was asked about the amount of joy that she plays with.

Clark said, “I think I’m playing my best basketball when I’m having the most fun than anybody on the court. I play this game because I love it and it brings a lot of joy to me.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Why do you play?

3 - How did you fall in love with the game you play?

4 - If somebody that didn’t know you watched you play, what would they see?


Dwayne Wade is an NBA champion, All-Star, and Olympic gold medalist. He has a son who is trying to make it into the NBA. Here is what he said to his son about it being hard and him needing to be smart:

“You have to do it all the time, but it’s hard. If you are trying to crack the code and make the team, it has to be hard. It’s not about your height. At the end of the day, if you are smart and can play the game, it’s a job for you in basketball.”


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from this video?

2 - What is one thing that is in your way? Is it height, athleticism, or politics?

3 - What can you do to overcome that obstacle?

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