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"We only understand who we are if we understand where we came from."

Whakapapa is one of NZ's largest ski areas. Sports Performance Coach Owen Eastwood says it is also the universal understanding that whatever community we are a part of, we understand that our arms are locked together in a story that starts with the origin story and goes into the future until the end of time.

The sun first shined on our first team - our first ancestors - and it slowly moved down this line of people, and now it's on us.

We are forever linked with our past and our future.

He says when the sun shines on you before you get busy, create a space to connect with what the jersey represents and the point and purpose of the team. Decide to live out that identity while wearing the jersey. Preview what you can achieve together and what the legacy of the team can be.


1 - What does this jersey represent and mean to you? (What does being a part of this organization mean to you?)

2 - What does it mean to your community? (Who are your stakeholders, and what does it mean to them?)

3 - What is the origin story or history of this team, and why is it important?

4 - What is your purpose for being on this team?

5 - What can we achieve together?

6 - What can the legacy of this team be?

But Owen also says to be real about your vision, goals, and expectations. Sometimes we are competing for a championship, and other times, we are competing to just get better.

Turn off the external and outside noise and figure out and create an internal story about what awesome looks like for you. Then that becomes what motivates you - not fear of letting people down but just the motivation of doing something really cool with your teammates and people you work with and care about.


1 - What does awesome look like to you?

2 - What would we love to do while wearing this jersey? (What would we love to do while working here together?)

3 - What about being on this team brings you absolute joy?

4 - What motivates you?

5 - What scares you?

You can watch the full, original video here:

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