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What Will They See | Mamba Mondays

I tell my athletes, “When people walk into the gym or the field, they notice 4 athletes: the first three they notice are the biggest, strongest fastest, the smallest, and the best. The fourth athlete they notice is the one who works the hardest.”

The biggest, strongest, and fastest athlete stands out for obvious reasons, and so does the smallest. They are both easy to notice. Everyone can also notice the best one out there.

You can’t control if you are the biggest, strongest, and fastest, you can’t control your size, and while you have some input on whether or not you are the best, there is always someone out there who is a little better than you.

But you can control how hard you work, and people love watching athletes who give their all on the court or field.

Kobe Bryant once said:

“When people watch me play, I want them to leave the gym saying that they just saw a kid who gave everything he had, who had natural abilities, but he played as if he was the 12th guy on the roster. If I can be remembered as a person who squeezed every ounce of juice out of this orange that he could, I’ll be happy with that.”


1 - When people watch you play for the first time, what do you want them to see and say about you?

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