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Who Should I Keep?

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Guiding Questions: If a new boss, coach, or leader took over today, would they keep you around?

Key Takeaways: When someone new takes over, they can fire everyone. Are you doing enough for them to want to keep you?

At all levels of sports, when the head coach changes, everything changes. They bring a new vision, new expectations, and new assistant coaches with them.

A member of a high-major coaching staff said when they recently had a head coaching change, the new head coach called individual meetings with every coach and member of the staff. His meeting was the very last one, and he said he got nervous walking into the office because all he saw was coaches walking out with trash bags full of their belongings because they had all been fired.

When he walked into his meeting, he was surprised to see the new head coach super excited to see him. They laughed, joked, and talked about life. Toward the end of the meeting, the head coach told him, “I asked everyone who I’ve talked to since getting the job, who are the two people I need to keep on staff, and every single person said you.”

That really hit me. If my boss was replaced tomorrow, would I be the person they would need to keep?

To become that person, what would I need to do?

I believe leadership is influence, and how we interact with and engage with the people we work with directly affects that influence.

Influence, interactions, and engagements can be positive or negative and can be direct or indirect.

Just being in the same hall, room, or building with someone is an engagement. Your mood, your energy, and your body language can affect your influence just as much as your words.

So this week ask yourself two questions:

1 - Would they keep me?

2 - What do I need to do to make sure they will?

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