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Why are Relationships Important? | MAMBA MONDAYS

In our school district, we are working on teaching all of our staff skills and tools to build, sustain, and repair relationships. We share a collective goal in Wylie that every student will have a meaningful relationship with at least one adult. We believe in relationships so much that we give three relationship surveys to our students each year.

We ask the following three questions:

1 - Who is your favorite teacher and why?

2 - Do you have an adult you trust and can talk to on campus? If yes, who is it? If not, who would you want to be able to trust and talk to?

3 - Does my teacher care about me? What does he/she do to make me feel this way?

When teaching relationship-building skills to our staff, we often start with the reflection question:

Why are relationships important?

Kobe Bryant was known as a hard-driving leader. Each week I start with a Mamba Monday blog post. This week’s Mamba Monday fits right in with my school district’s mission of building meaningful relationships.

During an interview at USC, Kobe was asked, “What did you learn at the end of your career that you wish you knew at the beginning?”

He said:

Understanding empathy and compassion. As a young kid when I came in the league, it was like - I’m driving this way, and you were either on the train or the track. There was no such thing as understanding people had lives outside of the game. If I understood that at an early age, it would help me as a leader communicate better. I came to understand that later, and getting to know people on a personal level - their fears, insecurities, dreams, ambitions, and desires - can help them reach the best version of themselves.


1 - What is your biggest takeaway from the video?

2 - Why are relationships important?

3 - How do you build relationships with the people you teach, lead, and serve?

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